About Ko-Ko the Cat




“I am Ko-Ko the Cat. I am a most inquisitive and curious pussycat. I am opinionated, highly intelligent and purr-snickety. I am a cat with unmistakable human failings.”

“At one time, I was a little, ball of fur...That is no longer true...I am presently an enormous ball of fur...I am warm, soft, and cuddly all over...Phffft!”

“The other day, I saw a T-shirt...It read as such...Cats are just tiny women in cheap fur coats...Phffft! Phffft! Phffft!...Not funny!!!”

Breed Profile: Persian

Breed Characteristics: Regal, longhaired beauties, — sweet, gentle, quite intelligent, having a docile demeanor, playful, quintessential lap cat, can seem aloof at times, not overly vocal, has a melodious and lovely tone of voice, is well mannered, polite, and does not enjoy heights — not much too much that is. However, the Persian cat does enjoy posing. Prone to having hairballs, therefore frequent grooming and hairball malt, will help the situation immensely.

Preferences: Only wishes to be loved, prefers quiet homes, enjoys set routines, coexists well with other pets, does not enjoy chaotic activity, nor chaotic people, requires daily grooming, bathing is a necessity, nails should be clipped regularly, and eyes should be wiped daily in order to remove the stains which can be caused due to tearing. A high protein diet will keep a Persian cat’s coat of hair shiny and healthy.

History of Breed:
Quite ancient: Considered to be one of the most ancient breed of cats known to mankind. Hieroglyphics have been noted to depict Persian cats: Some dating back to 1684 BC. In the 14th Century, Persian cats were introduced in Europe.

The Persian cat is stated to be the most popular breed in the United States of America.